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No-Gaps Dental

No-Gaps dental care

Preventative care is a core focus at Profilo.

That is why we have chosen to provide no-gap diagnostic and preventative care to all people with active health insurance, regardless of the health fund they are with.

Our patients have the freedom to seek dental treatment at our practice and aren't limited to attending practices that have agreements with the large health insurance companies.

Fair and accessible dental care

Our fees for general dental treatment are set according to national averages, something that we review on an annual basis.

With or without dental health cover, this ensures we provide a high standard of treatment at a level that is fair and accessible to people.


Our practice has complete HICAPS capabilities, which allows for claims to be processed at the time of treatment.

This means that rebates for private health claims are provided instantly, and that you only have to cover the gap payment.

Medicare Child Dental Benefits

How the program works

The Medicare Child Dental Benefits program was introduced at the beginning of this year, and is a radical change from previous public dental programmes.

The emphasis is placed on preventative care and education, through enabling regular dental visits, encouraging open discussion of dental health, and improving the public understanding of dental care. 

Dental treatment is carried out in private dental practice, and each practice chooses whether to bulk-bill, or to charge its regular fees with parents paying the gap amount. 

Profilo has chosen to set our fees under the program at the Medicare rebate level. We have made this decision because we believe that all children should have equal access to quality dental care. 

By establishing a no-gap standard, we believe this will remove the financial barrier for parents to seek regular dental care for their children, ensuring optimal dental health as they grow up.

What is covered
Dental treatment covered by the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme includes:
  • Dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning & hygiene therapy
  • X-rays
  • Fillings & restorations
  • Fissure seals or sealants
  • Extractions or tooth removal
  • Dental infections & emergencies
  • Partial dentures

Amount & duration

Eligible children are entitled to a total of $1 000 to use on dental treatment over a 2 year period.

This 2 year period commences at the start of the calender year. The $1 000 can be used within the first year if required but additional benefits will not be available the following year. Remaining benefits after the first year are carried over to the second year.


The scheme is available to children between the ages of 2-17 and to access this, your child must be eligible for Medicare and your family must be in receipt of Tax Benefit Part A, or receive a relevant Government payment.

Eligible families will receive written notification from the Australian Government at the start of 2014. The notification is not a voucher for service. We will check eligibility before commencement of any treatment as well as providing itemised treatment plans.

You can confirm your child's eligibility & total balance on and more information on the schedule can be found on the government department of health website.

Specialist information

Where we are located

Our surgical consulting offices are located both in Sydney and Newcastle.

In Sydney, our consulting suites are located at Surry Hills Family Dental, 33 Albion Street, Surry Hills.

In Newcastle, we are located at 19 Honeysuckle Drive, on the ground level of Lee Wharf and the Newcastle waterfront.

Where we operate

Choosing a private hospital is based upon the recommendation of our surgeons. 

This choice is determined by the quality of the facilities and local staff expertise, and the influence this has the quality of patient care.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to equip and train a hospital to accommodate specialist oral and maxillofacial surgical services. 

The following hospitals that we operate out of provide oral & maxillofacial surgical services as part of team based care, and incorporating Profilo Surgical standards of care.

St Lukes Private Hospital
Potts Point, Sydney 

Warners Bay Private Hospital 
Warners Bay, Newcastle


These procedures are normally subsidized by Medicare, so make sure you bring your Medicare card, your GP referral, and also your private medical-insurance details.

Whilst we accept referrals from your general dentist, we are still a specialist medical practice.

This means you should still expect Medicare rebates for your consultations, x-rays, and most surgical procedures.

Most services referred by your dentist are considered to be specialist dental, rather than specialist medical.

Specialists Procedures

The specialist dental procedures that we include wisdom teeth removal , dental implant placement, and jaw & facial surgery. 

These types of procedures do not normally carry Medicare rebates, unless you are also registered with special Medicare schemes, like the Cleft Lip and Palate Scheme (CLPS), or Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. 

Dental insurance can help with the costs of specialist dental procedures.

Referral Information

How referrals work

We accept referrals from medical GPs and other medical specialists for conditions that are primarily oriented to your mouth, face and jaws.

Referrals can be for a wide range of conditions including for jaw reconstruction, facial correction, and facial trauma management.

How a referral benefits you

With a referral by your medical GP or dentist, you are eligible for Medicare rebates for your specialist consultation.

We have extensive radiology services on site, and we aim to bulk bill for your radiology where possible... but only when you bring your Medicare card to us.