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About Us

Profilo is a complete team, working together under one roof.

Dr Evan StaceyDr Evan Stacey

Dr Evan Stacey

Evan is our lead dental surgeon

A dental surgeon with a mind for comprehensive patient management, Evan is an advocate for treatment that looks to increasing airway volume and breathing capacity, preserving jaw joint health, creating a finely balanced bite, and enhancing complete facial aesthetics.

He is a fundamental component of the Profilo dental implant team, designing and placing highly aesthetic porcelain work, as well as complex, full-arch, ceramic restorations.

Dr Angela MartyDr Angela Marty

Dr Angela Marty

Angela is our practice manager and a highly experienced dental surgeon

Angela brings her wealth of experience as a dental clinician to her role as the practice manager for Profilo.

Her years in the public dental system have highlighted the lifelong consequences of inadequate dental care. As an area close to her heart, she has a particular interest in raising public awareness of the importance of preventative dental care and of ethical dental treatment.

Dr Elise ChanDr Elise Chan

Dr Elise Chan

Elise is our junior dental surgeon with a passion for children’s dentistry

She has comprehensive training in 3D facial imaging, volumetric airway assessment, and digital software manipulation as an integral component of jaw and facial surgery.

Elise has an extended interest and training in children dentistry, her patient and caring manner making her perfectly suited to this.