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Custom Jaw & Chin Implants

What are custom jaw implants?

Using CAD-CAM and DICOM data, we are able to precisely manufacture jaw implants to specific dimensions and anatomy to suit your precise jaw line, and aspirations for facial profile change.

Custom jaw implants are made from medical grade acylic, zirconia, or 3D sintered titanium.

Who can benefit from having jaw implants?

People who do not have chins (hypogenia), or have a retruded mandible (mandibular hypoplasia), or have jaw asymmetry (hemifacial microsomia), can all benefit from the precision of customized facial implants… and consultations and surgery can be partially funded through Medicare.

Where surgery is purely for cosmetic reasons, customized facial implants can offer jaw line augmentation to enhance the chin and jaw angle regions, but are not otherwise covered by Medicare.

What kinds of jaw implants are there?

There are two regions of the jaw where implants can be placed… the chin, and the jaw angles. We can also place implants to the cheek bones (malar eminences)

There are of course many types of non-custom implants in the market place. Australian available implants are made from porous polyethylene (Medpore), or silicone (Implantech) and come in various standard sizes. These can be adjusted to approximately fit the jaw regions in which they are applied.

Custom implants require manufacture on BioModels which are obtained from DICOM radiological data. With BioModels, precise moulding, symmetry and size manipulation is possible,

Is there insurance coverage for jaw implants?

If your jaw defect is due to trauma, pathology or developmental, then jaw implant surgery is governed by Medicare rules.

If you are seeking jaw implants for purely cosmetic purposes, then medical insurance is not usually possible.

What is involved in the operation for jaw implant surgery?

DICOM data is acquired of your jaws, and which can lead to manufacture of a BioModel. BioModels would be charged separately to you.

A technician is involved in the manufacture of each custom implant, and you choose the material that feels most confortable to you. Custom implants can be made from PMMA, zirconium, or titanium, and different costs apply according to the material that you choose.

Alternatively you may choose an off-the-shelf product, made from either Medpore (high density porous polyethylene) or medical-grade Silicone.

Normally an incision is made in your mouth, through which an implant can be adapted to your chin or jaw angles. The implants are then secured to your bone through micro-screws made from titanium.

How can I direct the size of my jaw implants?

During your consultation, the surgeon will have a range of sizes to both assist you in your determination of shape and size.

The surgeon can obtain a BioModel against which he can place various samples of jaw implants (from a set non-custom range), or alternatively can apply wax to the BioModel in order to create the ideal implant matched to obtain symmetry and desired jaw or chin size.

The final “wax-up” is then used by a technician through a CAD-CAM process, to directly manufacture a precisely contoured and fitting custom jaw or chin implant.

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