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Surgical Jaw Correction

Your face is unique, so addressing imbalance in your teeth, jaw or facial structures requires more than our technological precision, it demands an artist's touch.

At Profilo, we can create the ideal facial form and function through precise 3D surgical planning and expert surgical technique.

We can define your jawline and cheekbones, create optimal jaw proportion and facial symmetry, and produce an ideal display of teeth when talking, laughing and smiling.

Surgical jaw correction can increase the volume of your airway, improve breathing and quality of sleep, eliminate jaw joint pain, and enhance emotional and mental wellbeing.

Using our expertise in jaw and facial surgery, we can create a unique treatment plan designed to enhance your natural facial features, correct jaw and facial function, and establish harmonious facial balance.

3D Facial Analysis

Our 3D facial imaging systems lets us to analyse the intricate details of your face.

We can see with precision your jaws, the airways they support, the teeth within them, the health of their joints, and how their architecture influences facial aesthetics.

3D facial imaging shows how individual jaw and facial structures shape the contours of your face, and how surgical repositioning can optimise your facial function and aesthetics. 

Precision Orthodontic Coordination 

Jaw surgery requires perfectly aligned teeth to form a finely balanced bite.

Our digital orthodontic software can position your teeth in 3D, resulting in an optimal bite and arrangement of teeth, both essential elements for successful jaw and facial surgery. 

This software is used to manufacture braces that are customised for your individual needs, moving your teeth efficiently and accurately into an ideal surgical arrangement.

Digital Jaw & Facial Surgery

Jaw and facial surgery is an art as much as it is a science. 

Our surgical expertise ensures a precise outcome, but it is our artist's touch that elevates our work to the highest of standards.

The precision of computer-aided jaw and facial surgery allows us to achieve our vision for your surgical treatment with pinpoint accuracy. 

We can simulate the outcome of your individual 3D surgical plan, allowing you to visualise changes to the appearance of your face before starting treatment.

3D surgical planning allows us to perform jaw surgery with outstanding results that are predictable and lifelong. 


Orthognathic procedures

Upper Jaw Expansion   (SARME)

A narrow or constricted upper jaw can result in obstruction of nasal breathing and snoring, a narrow smile and excessively prominent front teeth, as well as a traumatic bite and jaw joint (TMJ) pain.

Expanding the upper jaw in conjunction with short-term orthodontics can successfully correct all of these problems.

This requires surgical assistance in adults due to the upper jaw and hard palate fusing together during adolescence 

The procedure mobilises the upper jaw, and with placement of discreet expansion device, the upper jaw is expanded at home over the following 2-3 weeks, with regular orthodontic review.

Upper Jaw Advancement  (LeFort I osteotomy)

A set back upper jaw can give excessive prominence to the nose, and a seemingly long and pointy chin. It can also obstruct nasal breathing resulting in snoring & a poor quality of sleep.

Advancement of the upper jaw corrects facial proportion and balance, optimises the bite, and dramatically improves nasal breathing.

Lower Jaw Advancement   (BSSO)

Proportioning the lower jaw with the upper jaw and face has a wealth of cosmetic and functional benefits.

Breathing and exercising are enhanced through enlarged airways, quality of sleep is improved through the elimination of snoring, and overall mood, concentration and mental capacity are heightened.

The results are an ideally balanced bite, optimised jaw joint health, and harmonious facial balance and jaw proportion.

Chin Contouring   (Genioplasty)

For people with a set back lower jaw, or a long lower face, chin surgery can bring the chin button forwards and upwards, improving lower lip roll, and natural positioning of the lips.


Upper & Lower Jaw Correction  (BiMax)

Upper & lower jaws can grow asymmetrically, growing either shorter or longer on one side. The cause of this is often trauma or growth and developmental conditions.

BiMax surgery simultaneously corrects the relation between the upper and lower jaws, and optimally proportions them with the rest of the face.

BiMax correction balances the bite, idealises lower lip & chin projection, and harmonises the overall facial profile.

Upper Jaw Reduction  (Maxillary Impaction)

Rarely, lower jaws can develop asymmetrically, growing either shorter or longer on one side. Correction provides both a balanced bite and a well-proportioned facial appearance.


Surgical Jaw Correction Services

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