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Jaw and Facial Proportioning (BiMax)

Orthognathic surgery definitively corrects imbalance of the teeth, jaws and facial structures.

Meticulous planning and precise technique are integral to achieving an exceptional outcome, however it is an artistic touch that elevates treatment to the highest of standards. 

Every person is unique, and every person requires an individual approach to treatment.

Moving the facial structures dramatically alters the appearance of the face. A jawline can be given definition, the cheekbones made more prominent, the nose and chin refined, and the teeth optimally positioned in the smile arc.

An intimate understanding of these fundamentals enables us to create a unique treatment blueprint that is designed to highlight, enhance and compliment a person’s facial features, establishing harmonious facial balance and proportion.

3D Facial Analysis

Highly evolved software gives us the ability to analyse the intricacies of the face in 3 dimensions.

We can study with absolute precision a person's jaws, the airways they support, the teeth that sit within them, the joint interface with the skull, and how their architecture influences facial aesthetics.

This comprehensively illustrates how the jaw and facial structures determine the form and contour of the face, and the surgical movements that will establish optimal facial balance and profile. 

Precision orthodontic coordination 

Jaw and facial surgery requires two perfectly established dental arches that will mesh together to form a balanced occlusion upon surgical movement.

Digital orthodontic software facilitates the exact positioning of teeth in 3 dimensions, to produce a bite relation and optimal display of teeth that are essential to an excellent surgical outcome.

Our software is used to manufacture braces that are customised for each person's unique requirements, moving the teeth efficiently and with precision into the ideal surgical arrangement.

Digitally planned surgery

The process begins with high definition scanning of the teeth and gums, to create an exact digital model that is integrated with our 3D surgical planning software.

Computer aided manipulation of the jaws and facial structures ensures that all surgical movements are made with precision. 

Simulation of the enhanced facial form gives a precise visualisation of the final surgical outcome, ensuring that all information required to make an informed treatment decision is provided. 

Orthognathic procedures

lower jaw advancement

Mandibular advancement extends the lower jaw in people where growth and development has completed.

This increases the volume of a person’s airway, creates a balanced bite, and produces a well-defined jawline with improved facial proportioning.

upper jaw advancement

A set back upper jaw can give excessive prominence to the nose, and a seemingly long and pointy chin.

Advancement of the upper jaw corrects facial proportion and balance, optimises the bite, and dramatically improves nasal air flow.

upper jaw expansion

Expanding the upper jaw to correct dental crowding in adults requires surgical assistance.

This allows teeth to be aligned without extractions, and positioned for optimal tooth display when smiling.

chin contouring

For the very retruded lower jaw, or a long lower face, chin surgery helps bring the chin button forwards and upwards, improving lower lip roll, and natural positioning of the lips.

correction of jaw asymmetry

Rarely, lower jaws can develop asymmetrically, growing either shorter or longer on one side. Correction provides both a balanced bite and a well-proportioned facial appearance.


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