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Facial Radiology and Facial imaging

The revolution of Conebeam (cone beam) and Volumetric CT (computerized tomography)

Everything You need to know

Dental radiography and maxillofacial radiology services 
We are able to offer a full range of dental radiographs for which you are able to claim a medicare rebate (medicare rebates are not available for x-rays taken by general dentists).  We have state of the art digital radiography equipment, thereby exposing you to a very small amount of radiation compared with traditional radiography equipment.

Our equipment includes...

    1.Digital intra-oral x-rays, which are covered under Medicare rebates, just like any medical radiology practice

    2.Digital OPG machine (againmostly or entirely covered under Medicare)

    3. Cone-beam digital radiology. Our Planmeca equipment is state-of-the-art and offers the widest field volume of view (27 x 19cm cylinder)

OPG’s (orthopantomogram) are jaw x-rays which can assess simultaneously for jaw joint (TMJ), wisdom teeth, standing teeth, developing teeth, jaw, and (maxillary) sinus diseases. OPG x-ray films when read and interpreted by qualified specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeons (or by maxillofacial radiologists) are an ideal screening tool for an enormous variety of conditions that can occur throughout the jaws.

Jaw x-ray screening, particularly during development, allows for the exclusion of developmental lesions before they lead to major pathological problems. Such lesions include jaws cysts and tumours.

Routine OPG screening is recommended for all people at age 9, 13, 17, and 21 years and thereafter at least every decade.

OPGs are Medicare rebate items only when performed by approved surgeons or radiologists.


A routine screening OPG was performed for assessing developing wisdom teeth. A large lesion occupying the left mandible and chin was found. The patient was otherwise without symptoms and had recently completed a root canal therapy of the right sided jaw. No previous screening OPG had been performed, and the left sided lesion had developed unchecked over 5-6 years.

As the lesion had not expanded beyond the bone confines, removal was a relatively simple operation, and teeth and jaw tissue were preserved, with retention of normal facial form.

Intra-Oral Radiology
This takes the form of a Dixi appliance, utilising a CCD device for image collection from an intra-oral x-ray source.

Cone Beam Radiology
Utilising up to 1/10th the radiation levels found with CT (computerised tomography). We utilise the Promeca ConeBeam Max, which enables the greatest volume of view, with smallest voxel size possible.

This means that for very small volumes of tissue (such as looking for a crac k in a tooth, or a peripapical bone abscess), there are very small local radiation doses, with high precision to diagnosis, and without the expense, or time incovenicne, or radiation dosage of a similar CT scan.

For greater volumes, the entire cranium and facial skeleton can be viewed, which has particular advantages for craniofacial surgery, dental arch (implant based) reconstruction, or for facial trauma managment... again with maximum minimisation of radiation exposure, with greater clinical diagnostic accuracy.

What is 3D Facial Radiology and Facial Imaging?

At Profilo, our focus on skeletal facial surgery is enhanced by digital OPG (orthopantomography, dental tomography), volumetric Cone Beam (CB) and Computerised Tomography (CT) imaging.

Utilising the state-of-the-art Planmeca Promax Max 3D from Finland, Romexis volumetric software processing, as well as leading co-suppliers in CT and volumetric data acquisition, we are able to offer the best in facial radiology services to our patients.

Volumetric facial imaging has revolutionized orthodontic, facial, cosmetic facial, and (functional) orthognathic surgery… It is something that we call 4D volumetric facial surgery.

With revolutions in software manipulation, surface rendering, and volumetric effects, facial diagnosis has never before been so stunning, or graphically real.

How does this help you, the patient?

As a patient, you can choose between lower resolution, and lower radiation imaging such as CBCT, and higher resolution, higher radiation VCT technology.

Imaging of teeth, periodontium, jaw bone, facial skeleton, soft tissues, facial contours, bites and occlusion, and upper airway has never been easier… nor more dramatic.

Conditions such as skeletal jaw and facial disproportion, jaw tumours, jaw growths, jaw cysts, jaw fractures, are easily understood and seen by patient and doctor alike.

For conditions referred by dental practitioners, dental fractures, endodontic lesion, malocclusion, bad bites, impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, IDN and surgical relations has made diagnosis and treatment planning easier.

Benefits of 3D Facial Radiology

Dental implant surgery, and dental implant (implants) planning, has never been easier than with Romexis. And cross utilising software such as Dolphin 3D, and Anatomage, we can predictably do virtual surgery… which is the revolution of 4D predictive imaging.

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