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Jaw Proportion Surgery 

What is orthognathic surgery?
Otherwise called orthognathic surgery.
Maxillofacial surgeons are experts in the diagnosis of skeletal disproportion, and in orthognathic surgical correction of the face and jaws
Working with orthodontists, and with orthodontic treatment in general, orthognathic surgery enhances the occlusion, and enhances natural facial proportion.

How does surgery and orthodontics work together?

Orthodontics and orthognathic surgery works together to maximize facial and dental aesthetics, using a combination of braces, splints, and operations.
It is the ultimate treatment combination in both functional and cosmetic facial surgery.
Everyone has a unique problem with their bite, and everyone has a unique solution.
If you feel your bad bite, or malocclusion, is more because of skeletal disproportion, then talk to your maxillofacial or oral surgeon today. 

I have already had braces, and I hate my lack of chin

For the treatment of overbite, people will often have teeth extracted and their upper front teeth pullled backwards with braces.

Whilst braces can achieve straight teeth and a reduction of the overbite, people can be dissatisfied with the lack of chin and gummy smile that can be a consequence of this treatment.

With a combination of repeat orthodontics and jaw correction surgery, it is possible to have a long-term stable and healthy bite... as well as a great appearance. 

Erin's Story

 Erin had four premolar teeth extracted and braces placed from the age of 14. Whilst this reduced her dental overjet, she eventually developed jaw joint problems. Repeat orthodontics and then two-jaw surgery created a balanced and natural bite, whilst also advancing her developmentally small lower jaw. 

I have already had braces but I have Jaw Asymmetry and a 'clicky' Jaw Joint

Maxillofacial surgery combines techniques that enhance both the smile and proportions of the face.
Working as a team there is the opportunity for different treatments to become coordinated and complemented.
Profilo specialists aim to help coordinate your various health care professionals, as well as providing jaw proportioning surgery to maximise the function, symmetry, and beauty of your face and smile.

Charlotte's Story  

 Charlotte had braces at 14 to straighten her teeth. At 19 she started having jaw joint problems. Charlotte had repeat braces for 12 months followed by model surgery, 3D facial planning and finally BiMax jaw correction surgery.
Charlotte now has a beautiful smile, can eat normally and most importantly she doesn't have jaw pain anymore.

Profilo & Jaw Surgery - Our Services to You 

Profilo offers unique surgical solutions to suit your specific needs. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons work with your orthodontist to both provide opinion, treatment planning, and of course coordinated surgical treatment.

We can treat conditions such as facial asymmetry, hypogenia (small chin), hemifacial microsomia, anterior open bite, large or big jaw (mandibular prognathism), narrow jaw, maxillary retrusion, overbite, underbite, excessive overjet, jaw disproportion, skeletal malocclusion, mandibular hypoplasia, and many more facial skeletal conditions and disharmonies.

Our clinics are based in Sydney and Newcastle. If you want a consultation, please call us, and our trained and friendly reception staff can arrange for a referral and time for you to see us.

We are the experts in facial correction surgery, and we work closely only with the best and brightest oral & maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists in Sydney and Newcastle. We offer a range of surgical services including bimax (bimaxillary), BSSO (bilateral sagittal split osteotomy), LeFort (Le Fort), genioplasty, and jaw distraction procedures.

Profilo's Custom Jaw Implants 

For those who are looking only for chin and jaw line enhancement we also offer exclusive custom Profilo™ Zirconia Facial Implants. These implants are designed for your specific facial contours and desired shape, and are made from medically pure zirconia.


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