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Patient Information

Getting Here

Our surgical consulting offices are located both in Newcastle and in Sydney:

In Newcastle, we are located at 19 Honeysuckle Drive, conveniently on the ground level of the Newcastle waterfront.

In Sydney, our consulting suites are located at The Surgery Centre, Medica Centre building, located at 31 Dora Street, Hurstville.

By Car

Both centers have convenient public car-parking located both underground and next door.

By Train

Our Newcastle offices are located right beside Civic railway station.

In Sydney, our offices are located a short walk from Hurstville railway station.

Via Telehealth

Telehealth services offer real benefits for Australians. This initiative will help Australians in remote, regional and outer metropolitan areas, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receiving care at an eligible Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS), and Australians in residential aged care to access specialist medical services earlier and without the time and expense of travelling to major cities.

Am I eligible for Telehealth services?

An eligible patient is a resident of an aged care facility, a patient of an eligible Aboriginal Medical Service or a patient who is located in a remote, regional or outer metropolitan location. 

How can I take part in a Telehealth video consultation with my Profilo specialist?

To take part in a video consultation you must be reffered to a specialist from your GP.
You must have access to the internet and a computer with webcam accessibility.

You should discuss the benefits and risks of any treatment during the video consultations with your doctor.

Why has the Australian Government introduced this initiative? 

The telehealth initiative will make it easier for Australians living outside major cities to access specialist medical services. Patients using telehealth facilities located in general practices, eligible residential aged care facilities, eligible Aboriginal Medical Services and other facilities, will be able to ‘see’ specialists without the time and expense involved in travelling to major cities, in many cases sooner than would otherwise be the case.

What is a telehealth video consultation? 

For the purposes of this initiative, a video consultation is where a patient and eligible specialist, consultant physician or psychiatrist undertake a consultation via video conferencing equipment.

Can I receive a Medicare or DVA rebate? 

Yes. New Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items will be introduced for video consultations from 1 July 2011. Further information about the MBS items is available here.

Where can these services be provided? 

Under this initiative the specialist can be located anywhere in Australia but the location of the patient at the time of the consultation must be outside an inner metropolitan area. This is referred to as a telehealth eligible area.

Residents of a residential aged care facility or people receiving a service from an eligible Aboriginal Medical Service can receive a video consultation anywhere in Australia – the inner metropolitan exclusion does not apply to residential aged care facilities and Aboriginal Medical Services. Maps of telehealth eligible areas are available here. 

 Can video consultations be claimed through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs? 


Can I claim a Medicare or DVA rebate if I have a video consultation with my specialist when I am in hospital? 

No. Medicare or DVA rebates are not available for video consultations with admitted hospital patients. This applies to both public and private admitted patients.

If my practitioner suggests a video consultation do I have a choice?

Yes. If a video consultation is suggested, you may choose a face to face consultation instead. You should discuss the benefits and risks of any treatment including video consultations with your doctors.

Can video consultations be conducted in my home? 

There are Medicare items available for patient-end support services provided in the home. A video consultation can be conducted in a patient’s home if the specialist considers it is clinically appropriate and if the patient’s home is located outside an inner metropolitan area. Generally, patients will consult with specialists from general practices, eligible Aboriginal Medical Services and residential aged care facilities.

Who is able to provide video consultations?

 Your referring practitioner will discuss if you need clinical support (from either a GP, another doctor, a participating nurse practitioner, a participating midwife, an Aboriginal health worker or a practice nurse) during the video consultation. 

Can I choose who will be in the room with me when I have the video consultation with the specialist?

Yes. Your referring doctor should discuss with you and the specialist whether clinical support from a doctor, nurse practitioner, participating midwife, participating practice nurse or Aboriginal health worker is required for the video consultation. If you wish to have non clinical support (i.e. from a family member); this can also be discussed with your referring practitioner and specialist.

Are there different privacy requirements for consulting with my specialist by video conference?

The same requirements that apply to a face to face consultation will apply to a telehealth video consultation. Patients should discuss any concerns with their doctors.

Why do I have two bills for the one service?

Billing arrangements for the specialist are flexible and will be negotiated between specialists and patients, or between specialists and patient-end facilities. Options could include an invoice posted to the patient, EFTPOS or credit card payment at the patient-end facility. Patient-end practitioners will generally bill as they normally bill a face-to-face consultation.

Bring your referral

With a referral by your medical GP or dentist, you are eligible for Medicare rebates for your specialist consultation.

We have extensive radiology services on site, and we aim to bulk bill for your radiology where possible... but only when you bring your Medicare card to us.

Be on Time

If you don't like being late, we'll try to avoid it too.

Bring enough change for off-street car parking.

For the convenience of all patients, try to arrive 30 minutes early for your appointment to get a car park, and to also fill out forms when you first arrive.

Your first appointment with the doctor is usually for 30 minutes. But you will be given all of the time that you need to ask all your questions.

Remember that organizing your hospital stay is the secretary's job... and that comes after the time you have spent with the specialist.

Call or Email us

We are always available to take your email for direct advice for simple enquiries. You can email directly on our Contact page.

Doctors can also email digitized x-rays for an informal opinion. But make sure that the file sizes are under 2 megabytes, or your email may just bounce back, and never reach us.

If you are from the country, or inter-state, feel free to phone 1300 323 822.